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Advantages of switching to the cloud

Why should I switch to cloud technologies?

Transferring data and work to the cloud is not an easy process and requires certain efforts and costs. So let's look at whether the game is worth the candle? Let's try to evaluate all the significant advantages of switching work to the mode using cloud technologies.

1. A sharp reduction in the cost of placement.

In the cloud, you no longer have to provide financing for the maintenance of physical servers and their maintenance (for example, the work of people who monitor them will ensure their technical condition).

An external data center manages servers and often on a subscription basis – this allows you to reduce many costs.

2. Scalability and flexibility. As you know, technical directors consider technological flexibility to be the main motivation for the introduction and development of cloud technologies. Cloud services allow not only to change capacities automatically when the scale and volume of work increases or decreases, but also allow you to work on tasks together in a single team mode (it does not matter where the team members are physically located), and not locally. Agree, this is an undeniable competitive advantage.

3. Reducing the occupied space. Since the capacity of the cloud server increases or decreases depending on the necessary needs of your cloud, only the necessary resources and energy are used, which also allows you to take care of the environment on a global scale. In the future, it is possible to reduce the operation of the server pool to a single, minimum level to reduce the impact on the environment.

4. Urgent data recovery. Cloud technologies allow you to implement solutions for data backup and recovery. This is important for any organization, but previously this service was expensive for microenterprises.

5. Confidentiality and information security. Due to centralized data storage and processing, almost all cloud services prevent unwanted traffic to your data. Clouds allow you to achieve greater security than physical data centers. Cloud service providers also regularly update their security systems and free up your time to work on something more important.

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