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Incorporated in 2021 and based in Tallinn, Eremenko & Polomani is an Estonia-based boutique consultancy. Our primary resource is an international team of gifted consultants and software engineers. Our team has comprehensive technological, functional, and commercial expertise.

Eremenko & Polomani serves clients from all companies irrespective of their size: from small startups to macro systems.

Eremenko & Polomani is perfectly poised for delivering robust IT solutions for clients at the national and international levels. Our core values helped us leverage global changes into possibilities. Our team was flexible enough to quickly adjust to evolving workplace norms, stay associated with one another, promote new ways of conducting business, and come together to produce quality experiences for our customers.

The GoodFirms team approached Tim Polomani, Co-founder at Eremenko & Polomani to know more about the company and its services.

Starting with the interview, Tim mentions that we have an international team of consultants and software engineers. I’m one of the Co-Founders together with Trofim Eremenko acting as the company’s CEO.

Talking about the idea behind the company's inception, Tim mentions in 2021 we created a new company Eremenko & Polomani to unite our efforts in a single entity.

In the rapidly growing market of consulting services, Eremenko & Polomani occupies one of the leading positions, rendering services in management consulting. Many experts with extensive experience allow the firm to adapt to the problems of an individual client flexibly. Not only do startups need consultations, but also large businesses that have already thrived in their field.

Entrepreneurs may need support in both managing and developing a strategy. Our professionals are engaged in rendering financial and audit consulting services and implementing business solutions to advance production in several steps.

We develop a strategic planning system, invade new markets, and manage change and organizational transformation with the customer. Our solutions are based on knowledge and best practices applied in different countries and industries.

Thus, helping startups grow and scale; intensifying in-house innovation endows Eremenko & Polomani to thrive as one of the top management consulting firms in Estonia at GoodFirms.

Moreover, Tim also elaborates on blockchain development services by asserting that we help startups leverage blockchain technologies to solve real-world challenges related to privacy, decentralization of trust, and scalability.

Based on our experience, layer two techniques such as side chains, state channels, and payment channels demonstrate an excellent compromise between scale and decentralization. With the help of cryptographic methods, we have created connections that can preserve transaction secrecy, making it untraceable.

Thus, building a platform that automates the software development work needed to launch an ICO on the Ethereum network allows Eremenko & Polomani to grab a secure position amongst the top blockchain development companies in Tallinn at GoodFirms.

In conclusion, Tim divulges that we have comprehensive technical, functional, and commercial expertise, and we are creative and flexible. Mostly we work with the commercial sector and the media. More than 70% of our customers return to us with new requests. We help businesses handle complex tech challenges by using the knowledge and efforts of our software engineers.

Tim further mentions that our main objective is to understand customer satisfaction and which we can fulfill through customer feedback. We initially built an open relationship so that the customers could share their concerns and wishes with us.

Thus, having read the information mentioned above shared by Tim, one can go through the detailed interview he gave to GoodFirms.

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