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Proper data migration to the clouds is the key to modern business prosperity processes

The days when all business processes took place through local corporate networks are over. Now, despite the convenience of data storage and limited access to them by employees and the team, it is much easier and more efficient to use information resources from the cloud – because today the Internet has become accessible and ubiquitous. Plus, the "covid-factor" was added to this - working on a remote site is physically impossible already "through the wires" of the local network and servers. Current solutions in the field of cloud technologies make work not only more convenient and efficient, but also more secure in terms of storage and risks of unauthorized access, theft of information.

Let's look at a few basic principles of migrating data storage systems to the cloud.

The strategy of migration to cloud technologies is a kind of step-by-step plan for transferring data and volumes of information from the local architecture to the cloud.

Note that not all processes go well in the cloud infrastructure, so it is important to choose for yourself and understand the most effective way of transition in your case, setting priorities before moving to the implementation of processes.

A detailed migration plan to cloud technologies depends primarily on the estimates of the complexity of your current working environment and the volume (size) of data.

Migration planning

Before you start transferring data, understand the true reasons that prompted you to do this. Make an assessment of your current and future needs, at least an approximate one. Here it is important to understand the requirements for cloud servers in terms of the requirements for the resources used. This is necessary in order to avoid unnecessary purchases and expenses.

But this requires the appropriate competencies and technical experience of specialists.

Full control of the environment is provided by solutions for managing application performance.

Choosing a cloud environment

If you have control, you can select the desired cloud model.

There are:

  • public
  • hybrid
  • mono or private
  • a multi-cloud environment

Both the choice of the environment and the service (AWS/Azure/GCP) depend on your needs and capabilities.

Data migration

A well-prepared and properly conducted migration should go, as they say, flawlessly.

But at the same time, we must not forget about compliance with privacy and security policies, correct data storage. As well as creating a backup and restoring data. Use the Automated control system to find out the required performance when moving to the next stage.

Success of the process

We cannot say that the migration was carried out correctly without evaluating the performance and commercial losses of the system after the transition – use several solutions offered by manufacturers to evaluate the performance and efficiency of the system after the transition.

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