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Now let's look at the main types of transition strategies used in the cloud

These are the six rules or the six most common principles of data migration to the cloud.

1. Rehosting.

In this case, your stack is lifted and transferred from local hosting to the cloud. In fact, you are copying your current environment, without making major changes, in order to quickly return on investment. Rehosting is well suited for traditional companies with a classic conservative corporate culture or for companies without long-term plans and a strategy for using advanced cloud capabilities.

2. Platform transformation.

Platform change, unlike rehosting, involves some change or adjustment optimization of the landscape of your cloud environment - improvement, change-when transferring your data to the cloud. But the basic application architecture remains the same. This strategy is good for traditional companies that want to strengthen their confidence in the use of cloud technologies, achieving, for example, an increase in system performance.

3. Code restructuring.

Changing the architecture or restructuring the code involves reworking the application code from scratch. As a rule, this is due to the business need to use a solution and features that are not available in the existing environment, such as automatic scaling of cloud resources or computing without a server.

This is usually the most expensive option, but it is also compatible with future versions.

4. Decommissioning.

When moving to the cloud, you may also realize that some solutions are no longer needed. And in this case, by turning them off you get savings that will improve the rationale for migrating applications, ready for it.

5. Saving.

And yet, for some, migration does not make sense yet. Is it not possible to get local applications to the cloud environment within the framework of regulatory requirements? Not ready to prioritize applications?

Plan to return to cloud solutions later.

6. Re-purchase.

By this we mean applications for a new cloud product (for example, for the Saas platform). The main problem is that here you will have to teach the whole team to work in a new way. But even this can still be more profitable when switching from a highly specialized outdated environment.

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